Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Physicists have experimentally registered Effekt Kazimira

Physicists from Sweden, the USA and Japan have described the first case of supervision of dynamic effect of Kazimira.
The author: Dmitry Safin
Physicists from Sweden, the USA and Japan have described the first case of supervision of dynamic effect of Kazimira.

Let's remind: in the quantum theory weeding vacuum it is considered not as absolutely empty space and as area in which constantly are born and virtual particles disappear. Scientists have quickly enough understood that these fluctuations of vacuum can yield results giving in to measurement — for example, lembovsky shift, displacement of levels of energy of the connected statuses elektrona in an outside margin.

"The usual" effect of Kazimira which explain on an example of two mirrors (the spending not charged plates), placed in vacuum more often is connected with a birth and disappearance of virtual particles also. At rapprochement such plates as in 1948 has found out Hendrik Kazimir, should test an appreciable mutual attraction. It is possible to tell that the birth of virtual photons chokes in a narrow backlash between not charged surfaces, and in all other space — is limited by nothing. As photons put pressure upon mirrors, in experiences force of an attraction is registered.

The dynamic effect of Kazimira predicted about forty years ago, has the same physical basis and is described as a birth of real photons from vacuum in a non-stationary cavity. nestatsionarnost it can be provided, say, with moving of a wall limiting a cavity, and to move it should with a speed which relation to a velocity of light is great enough.

To realise such experiment with use of any material mirror making mechanical movement, it is extremely difficult: the parity of speeds will be low, power inputs — huge, and frequency of occurrence of photons — scanty. Authors, certainly, knew about it and have developed the technique deprived of specified lacks.

Involved in experiment SKVID under a scanning electronic microscope (an illustration of authors of work).

The line of transfer and the elementary SKVID-DEVICE being at its termination (SQUID, superconducting quantum interference device) became basic elements of the offered skilled scheme. It represents a ring with two dzhozefsonovskimi contacts — the superconductors separated from each other by a thin layer dielektrika. In our case this superconducting design is used as variable inductance for what in experiment vary size of an external magnetic stream through loop SKVIDa.

It is possible to present such changes as fluctuation of electric length of a line of transfer. A variation of electric length in mathematical sense to similarly mechanical movement.

As practice shows, effective speed in this scheme (rate of change of electric length) can be made «mirror movements» enough big that by usages increases frequency of occurrence of particles. Having executed necessary calculations and having cooled installation to 50 mk, physicists have tried to register born quanta of electromagnetic radiation — and have found out required superhigh-frequency photons.


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